Revered surgeon alleges age discrimination in lawsuit

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Being subjected to age discrimination is not only disappointing, it is also very scary. Once you reach a certain age, you begin to realize just how much you value your job and how difficult it could be to replace. No one ever wants to be forced out of a job for any reason, but losing your job at an advanced age could mean that you never regain the status and pay rate to which you have become accustomed.

And virtually any older individual could be the target of age discrimination;, from the hourly worker who is just trying to get by, to someone who is in the upper echelon of his or her profession. A case in point being an orthopedic surgeon who works for New York University. The surgeon, who is highly regarded within the medical community, recently filed a lawsuit claiming that the university treated him poorly, scrutinized his work and forced him to take neurological tests in a bid to have him removed from his position.

Further, the university allegedly took away the surgeon’s support staff or made him work with less experienced residents who required more attention for training. In addition, patients were falsely informed that the doctor did not do the surgery they required and were steered away from his care. The doctor was told that the diverting of patients was due to his being in the “twilight” of his career. At one point he was even told that he was too frail to perform an operation that was scheduled the next day.

The surgeon states that he has subsequently lost a substantial sum in compensation and has been experiencing anxiety. A representative for NYU stated that the claims lack merit and will be fought.

No one should be the subject unfair treatment due to age. If you believe that your employer has committed acts of age discrimination against you, you may wish to consider getting in touch with an employee rights attorney. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the attorney may be able to help you pursue damages for the harm you may have experienced.

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