The basics of religious discrimination

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Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether the treatment you are receiving at work in Indiana qualifies as religious discrimination or not. We at John H Haskin and Associates work hard to not only defend your rights, but make sure you are aware of the signs of discrimination so you recognize when it is happening.


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that one disturbing aspect of religious discrimination is segregation. If you wear an article of clothing or somehow appear different than your fellow workers because of your religion, your employer may place you in a position where you will not have contact with customers in order to prevent a negative or altered image of the company. This is one form of religious discrimination.


Another way that this can arise is if your employer does not make reasonable accommodations to allow you to maintain your beliefs and practices. This can include scheduling changes and job reassignments. The work environment may also need to be altered to allow you to uphold religious beliefs. It is important to keep in mind that this does not mean you can make unreasonable requests.


Harassment can also sometimes develop in your place of employment. If someone in your workplace makes offensive remarks that are frequent enough to create a hostile work environment, this qualifies as religious harassment. If this results in your demotion or firing, this is also unacceptable.


 On the opposite end, your employment cannot be based on your agreement to participate in or abstain from any religious activities. To learn more about religious discrimination, please visit our web page.


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