3 job candidates who may face age discrimination

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Finding a good job is a challenge for many people nowadays. Full-time positions with benefits have been outsourced in some cases, and it seems that employers have increasingly relied on the willingness of young, less experienced job seekers to fill positions and accept low wages. This has led to age discrimination, and there are some kinds of candidates who might be most likely to experience this.

Previous stay-at-home moms

If you have had a child, stayed at home several years and decided to reenter the workforce, you are already facing a bevy of challenges. You will need to refresh your skills, assess your current career position and hope to pick up where you left off. Some employers may discriminate against women who have taken time away from work and aged in the meantime by favoring younger candidates over them.

Previously retired people

It is not uncommon nowadays for people to retire only to reenter the workforce again later. Many people, in fact, are realizing that full retirement is not financially feasible. The reality has motivated some to seek jobs again, and they face unfair discrimination when doing so. Employers might dismiss people of retirement age as applicants even though they are likely to be entirely qualified and suited for jobs.

Older women in the workforce

Unfortunately, age discrimination is a particularly pertinent problem for women. Many women in the workforce find employers treat them differently as they age, and this can take a serious toll. Women who are seeking jobs at this point encounter the same thing: unreasonable biases against hiring them. According to Forbes, this hypothesis has been proven by several studies indicating age discrimination primarily affects women.

If you have experienced discrimination from employment because of your age or any other issue, you should know your legal rights. Reach out to an attorney to learn about potential recourse.


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