Understanding what behaviors constitute workplace harassment

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While you may excel at performing assigned job tasks, working with people you do not get along with can make things challenging. Understanding the types of behavior that qualify as workplace harassment can help you protect your personal safety and the reputation of your career in Indiana. At John H. Haskin & Associates LLC, we are familiar with what is and is not appropriate in a workplace setting.

The United States Department of Labor shared a list of behaviors and mannerisms that pose a threat to you if you are the recipient of such actions. These include the following:

  • Excessive complimenting in regards to your physical appearance.
  • Public display of sexually sensitive material in your view.
  • Hostile physical behavior that is threatening to your safety.
  • The use of crude language, inappropriate lingo and foul gestures in communications with you.
  • Physical contact that is unnecessary, excessive or unwanted.
  • Damaging or demeaning the work you have done in private or public.

If you have been the recipient of inappropriate behaviors that are affecting your performance, well-being and safety, it is imperative that you immediately report to your superior. Your employer should have protocols designed to help you confidentially share such information without compromising your security and reputation. The sooner you discuss such concerns, the better your chances are of seeing necessary changes made before things get out of hand.

One telltale sign to look for if you suspect you are being harassed is whether or not the unwanted behavior is pervasive. For more information about protecting yourself in the workplace, visit our web page.


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