How should an employer respond to discrimination?

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Discrimination in the workplace should never be tolerated. There are many laws in place to help Indiana employers, but even if you do follow the law, you may still be vulnerable to discrimination claims. This is why you should take extra steps to create a welcoming and friendly workplace environment.

According to Monster, there are some specific ideas you can implement in your business to help prevent discrimination from occurring. These range from creating an environment where discrimination cannot happen to encouraging diversity among your employees. One specific idea is to create policies that encourage diversity in work groups. Reward those who show initiative in creating diversity and who work well with others who are different from them.

You should also avoid promotions that are a title only. This can make a person feel as if they are simply being patronized to feel as if they have received something of importance without really receiving anything. A promotion should include an increase in duties and responsibilities to show trust in the person.

It is also important to examine your current polices and workplace. Look for areas where discrimination could occur. Study other companies to see how they manage a diverse workforce and prevent issues. Make changes to allow for a more open environment where employees feel comfortable bringing issues to your attention.

Making small changes or implementing major changes in how you handle employees can help to reduce the chances of being accused of discrimination. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.


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