How can you develop a tolerance in the workplace?

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A critical part of organizational success within your company is developing an environment where your coworkers tolerate each other and are respectful of differing views and backgrounds. While your employer in Indiana is primarily responsible for setting the precedence for tolerance, you can support those efforts by making an effort to be inclusive and willing to work with others who are different than you. 

The joint efforts of you and your coworkers to develop synergy can not only create an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated, but it can also aid in efforts to increase motivation and morale for everyone working at your company. When you feel good and are surrounded by other individuals who also feel respected, the chances that all of you will be able to work more efficiently and effectively are significantly higher. 

According to, your employer should have a clear policy in place that outlines their expectations for how you should treat your fellow cohorts, as well as how they should treat you. It should also discuss the consequences that will be leveled if that agreement is broken. Effective communication and training to educate about how to manage confrontation in the workplace are also important areas that your employer should focus on. Your efforts to recognize that differences in each other are something to be celebrated will help you to develop an outlook of tolerance that can allow you to get along with your coworkers and develop healthy and long-lasting professional relationships with them. 

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