The consequences of age discrimination

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Some people do not take age discrimination seriously, whether they think that older workers and job applicants should simply accept the fact that they can be turned away due to their age or they do not understand how serious discrimination of any form can be. Unfortunately, age discrimination can turn the lives of workers and those applying for a position upside down in various ways. Age discrimination can result in many harsh consequences, not only from a financial perspective but in terms of one’s emotional health and future opportunities as well.

As with other forms of discrimination in the workplace, age discrimination may occur in a number of ways. Whether someone is fired solely because of their age, they are not paid fairly, they are subjected to serious harassment or they are discriminated against while applying for a job that they are fully qualified for, any instance of age discrimination is unacceptable. Victims of age discrimination may feel humiliated, angry or depressed. They may have anxiety with regard to their employment opportunities and financial circumstances and they may not know how to move forward.

Some people do not recognize illegal age discrimination when it occurs, which is very unfortunate since offenders should be held responsible. Age discrimination can result in significant financial difficulties for older workers and their loved ones, and it may be very hard for someone to find another job (especially if they are looking for work in a particular field or depend on a certain level of income).


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