Race discrimination in workplaces persists despite being illegal

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Despite the government making considerable efforts to combat racial discrimination in workplaces, it is still a massive problem in Indiana. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission closes more than 100,000 race discrimination cases at work without coming up with a proper conclusion.

Even though workers receive some compensation or a change of working condition, it is still evident that they are not doing what they should do to combat the vice.

Filing a claim against race discrimination either at the workplace or anywhere else receives a shallow success rate. It is because race discrimination cases do not get the required professional investigation; neither do victims get enough protection.

If anything, only 15 percent of the victims receive compensation or relief. An analysis by the Center of Public Integrity concludes that the whole race discrimination investigation process is merely a system that fails workers.

Race discrimination in the workplace takes different forms. It does not have to take the form of physical threats or slurs. Therefore, it manifests in different ways, such as the types of assignments given to the workers, the reward system, how the employers judge their performance, and the benefits that they receive. Besides, it manifests in the hiring process, where employers prefer some employees even when they do not possess the necessary skills.

There is enough evidence to show that racial discrimination in the workplace is not going to end soon. Employees still suffer the burden of proving the intent and the impact of discrimination. Even if they do so, the evidence does not live to see the light of the day as they get buried in personal records that only the employers can access.


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