Filing a complaint may be necessary after race discrimination

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When people experience negative treatment at work, they may suspect that race discrimination is behind it. People can handle the situation in many ways. One of the available options is to file a complaint.

The State of Indiana says that people can file complaints when they experience racial discrimination at work. They usually have 180 days after the incident to file their paperwork. After this, their claim may not be valid.

Can anyone file a complaint?

An employee’s job may need to meet certain criteria. Domestic workers, for example, are not usually considered to be employees under Indiana law. This category includes babysitters and housekeepers. People who work in these capacities may not be able to file a complaint if they think that they are experiencing racial discrimination.

Additionally, some businesses have an exemption from employment discrimination laws. These include nonprofit organizations and schools associated with religious groups. Social organizations may also not have to follow these laws. Additionally, companies with fewer than six employees have an exemption.

What should a complaint include?

When employees file a complaint, they have to include all the relevant details. The City of Indianapolis says that people have to describe the discriminatory incident. They could include the statements that a colleague or supervisor made. If they have a written record of the treatment they have received, they could also submit a copy of these documents. If any of their colleagues witnessed the event, they could include contact information for these people. Additionally, people should write down contact information for both themselves and their employers.

After filing a complaint, employees usually work with an Equal Opportunity Investigator to resolve the situation.


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