Can what happens outside the office count as harassment?

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Workplace discrimination may appear cut and dry in some instances, but sometimes, it is not. Do actions that extend outside the confines of work count?

In some situations, discrimination and harassment that occur offsite may warrant reporting to your boss. Recognize the signs that what is happening outside of working hours is inappropriate.

Is a coworker contacting you on social media?

Technology has made it simple to stay in touch. Coworkers, too, may want to extend their daily interaction to include social media and digital outlets, such as text messaging and email. However, if a fellow employee you do not agree to interact with begins sending unsolicited messages or comments excessively on your social media posts, it may rise to harassment. If you do not feel comfortable with the content of the comments, you may need to take it to your superior.

Did someone make overt comments in the parking garage?

Walking to your vehicle should not make you feel uncomfortable. If a coworker insists on accompanying you and then makes unwarranted remarks or gestures, you may want to consider contacting your boss. Inappropriate and off-color jokes about race, gender or sexual preference fall under workplace harassment or discrimination. Even if a fellow worker made these statements outside the confines of the building, anything by a fellow employee or even a customer of your workplace should not make you feel uncomfortable.

Workplace harassment continues to plague companies, even if the acts or moments occur off the clock and outside the office. You may want to speak to a knowledgeable professional about your experience and get some help handling the situation.


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