Why does race discrimination happen?

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Race discrimination is when an employer treats you differently because of your race or perceived race. It is an illegal act under state and federal laws.

You should report any incident of race discrimination because only through bringing it to attention can it end. But why did it happen in the first place?

Learned biased

Many incidents of racism occur because people are taught from a young age to act this way. They may grow up in a family or environment that teaches them negative things about people of certain races. As they become an adult, they may not work to change these biases and let them influence their actions at work.

Lack of exposure

Some people may discriminate because they do not know any other way. They may have no idea their actions are discrimination. If they have had no exposure to other races, they may not be aware that doing or saying certain things is offensive or harmful.


Some people may learn this behavior due to misunderstandings. The media is good at perpetrating falsehoods, which can cause people to develop opinions that color their actions, including making them discriminatory against certain racial groups.

Some instances of racism in the workplace come from places of intention to do harm. But you should realize that others may occur due to ignorance, which means the person can change. You just have to bring it to the forefront and ensure it does not continue by reporting the incident to hold the person accountable.


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