Recognizing signs of racial discrimination in the workplace

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Racial discrimination in the workplace can take on many forms. It can be as overt as racial slurs and as subtle as favoritism or unfair treatment based on race. Such discrimination often creates a hostile work environment and can hinder a person’s career growth.

The key to combating racial discrimination lies in understanding its signs and being proactive.

Notice patterns of discrimination

Subtle racial discrimination often manifests itself in patterns. Employees of certain racial backgrounds may face more criticism, stricter evaluations or fewer opportunities for promotions than their counterparts. Additionally, they may be unfairly assigned more mundane or difficult tasks. Managers and supervisors giving preferential treatment to employees of a particular race is also indicative of racial discrimination.

Spot exclusionary tactics

Racial discrimination can also present itself through exclusionary tactics. For instance, employees may not include employees of a different race in social activities, meetings or key decision-making processes. Coworkers may choose to leave these employees out of important email chains or exclude them from participating in training opportunities.

Identify discriminatory policies

Workplace policies can also contribute to racial discrimination. Policies that appear neutral but disproportionately affect employees of a certain race can be discriminatory. This could include uniform or appearance rules, language policies or scheduling policies that disproportionately disadvantage employees of a certain race.

Recognize a hostile environment

A hostile work environment is another sign of racial discrimination. This could involve racial slurs, offensive joke  or derogatory comments about a particular race. Even non-verbal actions, like displaying racially offensive symbols, can contribute to a hostile environment.

Identifying racial discrimination in the workplace can be a challenge due to its often subtle nature. However, understanding its various forms is the first step in combating it. Every individual deserves a workplace that respects their dignity and values their contributions irrespective of their racial background. By recognizing signs of discrimination, employees can stand up against unfair practices and promote a culture of respect and equality.


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