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September 2013 Archives

Abercrombie and Fitch accused of workplace discrimination

Abercrombie & Fitch has not made it a secret that the company prefers a particular type of clientele. That same attitude seems to have spilled over into their business practices as well. The clothing company is being accused of employment discrimination. Information from prior employees of the company confirms that several such cases have occurred nationwide, including Indiana.

Older workers appreciated more than ever

Indiana's older workers may feel that they need to counteract discriminatory behaviors and actions in the workplace. Surveys of elderly employees show that they believe they are discriminated against. Although their unemployment rate is lower, senior Americans' rate of long-term unemployment is higher than the average.

Settlement reached in transgender discrimination case

Many residents of Indiana are taking note of an announcement made by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about a historic settlement that has been reached in a gender discrimination suit filed by a transgender woman against her employer. The woman alleged that she was fired after informing her employer of her intention to change genders.

Former Indianapolis city employee sues for wrongful termination

The former Chief of Professional Standards for the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety has stated that she is filing suit for wrongful termination. According to the woman, who was hired in 2012 and fired just over a year later, she was wrongfully dismissed following an investigation into the handling of evidence in a case where a Indianapolis police officer was accused of being responsible for the death of a motorcyclist. The woman's tort claim states that she was hired to root out fraud and misconduct in the Department of Public Safety but was marginalized.

Indiana casino workers protest for better benefits

Employees of the Majestic Star Casino in Gary donned red t-shirts as part of a public protest on Labor Day in an attempt to improve the benefits package being offered to them by the owners of the casino. The protests were organized by UNITE HERE Local 1, the labor union which represents the casino workers.

Indiana workers strike for higher wages

Striking workers in Indiana are asking for wage increases far higher than what has been proposed. They believe that at a rate of $7.25 per hour they are paid less than owed for their work. Fast food workers who staged a single-day strike are calling for a minimum wage of $15 an hour. Currently, 18 states have minimum wages higher than the federal minimum, but even Washington, which has a $9.19 an hour minimum wage, doesn't even come close to what workers are asking for.

Training, policies create a healthy workplace for trans workers

As transgender people are increasingly becoming more visible in every aspect of society, businesses are increasingly striving to address the needs of these individuals. However, at the same time, training that sensitively introduces others in the workplace to transgender issues is increasingly needed, according to an authority on the subject in a recent piece. Employees in Indiana who are transgender may be able to avoid becoming the subject of a new form of gender discrimination if their employers take thoughtful measures to avoid such issues.

Dollar stores reported for poor work conditions, labor violations

Indiana residents may be interested in some allegations that have arisen regarding Dollar General and other popular dollar stores. These stores operate by offering goods at extremely low prices, which means that they often must try to cut other costs in order to make a profit. As a result, some employees have reported that these companies employ policies that may violate the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Merrill Lynch to pay out $160 million in racial bias case

Back in 2005, a racial discrimination lawsuit was levied against Merrill Lynch, one of the largest brokerage firms in the United States. According to the complaint, which later became a class-action lawsuit on behalf of some 700 African-American brokers, Merrill Lynch managers failed to provide proper training to its black employees, putting them at a disadvantage when compared to their white coworkers. The lawsuit also contended that some of the black brokers also felt ostracized by their coworkers as well.

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