Former Indianapolis city employee sues for wrongful termination

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The former Chief of Professional Standards for the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety has stated that she is filing suit for wrongful termination. According to the woman, who was hired in 2012 and fired just over a year later, she was wrongfully dismissed following an investigation into the handling of evidence in a case where a Indianapolis police officer was accused of being responsible for the death of a motorcyclist. The woman’s tort claim states that she was hired to root out fraud and misconduct in the Department of Public Safety but was marginalized.

The events that led to the woman’s eventual termination began when it was discovered that a vial of blood from the aforementioned case had been put into a police property room that was not refrigerated. After the discovery was made, the woman was reportedly told to determine what led to the vial of blood being moved. She states that both the Marion County Prosecutor and the Mayor’s Chief of Staff put themselves in the middle of what was supposed to be her independent investigation.

Shortly after it was determined the vial of blood was in the woman’s possession, in contradiction of a judge’s order, the woman was terminated from her position. However, three judges have since determined that her handling of the blood vial had no impact on the case. The woman is requesting compensatory damages and back salary.

Being wrongfully dismissed from a job can be financially and emotionally stressful. An attorney with experience in handling wrongful termination matters may be able to advise an individual in such circumstances as to the various courses of action that may be available.

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