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November 2013 Archives

Two waitresses file sexual harassment lawsuit

Two restaurant employees filed a sexual harassment complaint with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission. The alleged harassment took place at the Les Brothers Restaurant and Pancake House in Highland. According to the complaint, both waitresses were subjected to name calling, sexual comments and inappropriate touching in the workplace. The unwelcome sexual advances were reported to have come from the owner and male employees at the restaurant.

Employee sues Alexander McQueen for racial harassment

Indiana residents may be interested to learn of a recent lawsuit that was filed against British fashion house Alexander McQueen. On Nov. 6, a 43-year-old former saleswoman of a store located in New York City filed a suit against the company alleging that her boss engaged in race discrimination. The amount of damages she was seeking has not been stated.

NFL team faces bullying investigation

Indianapolis Colts fans might have heard that a harassment grievance filed by NFL player Jonathan Martin against teammate Richie Incognito has led to a full-out legal investigation into bullying in the Miami Dolphins's organization. Incognito was suspended for his conduct when evidence was of the harassment was revealed on Nov. 3. Race discrimination could become the basis of a lawsuit as a result of an alleged threatening voicemail that Martin received from Incognito, who had a history of fighting with teammates and had been dismissed from two college and one NFL team before going to the Dolphins. The ensuing investigation raises questions about NFL team's histories of hazing and bullying.

Indiana steel workers want wages for putting on gear

A lawyer representing 800 Indiana steel workers brought before the U.S. Supreme Court the issue of whether workers should receive compensation for putting on and taking off protective gear. Is changing into protective gear really just changing clothes, or is it something compensable? The U.S. Steel Corporation does not pay workers for changing into the requisite clothing to perform their job duties.

Workers terminated for prayer breaks

A group of Muslim workers in Kentucky have filed complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that they were fired by their employer because they stopped working and took a five-minute break to say their evening prayers, as required by their religious beliefs. The workers were formerly employed by a division of DHL, the shipping company with locations in Indiana and around the country. According to the workers, they offered to take the breaks off the clock. Prior to the terminations, the company had allowed prayer breaks but had recently reversed its policy.

Sexual harassment lawsuit against New York Post

The New York Post, which appears on newstands in Indiana and across the nation in addition to New York, is a defendant in a lawsuit brought by a former editor for the newspaper in which she accused its editor-in-chief of sexually harassing her and unlawfully terminating her as well. Four years after the alleged incidents occurred, the court has ruled that the Post will have to face the charges brought against it. A spokesperson for the newspaper stated that the allegations are unfounded.

Deaf applicant turned down for a job wins settlement

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects individuals in the state of Indiana and across the country from discrimination in hiring practices and on the job. Employers are not only prohibited from discriminating against individuals due to their disabilities but also must also provide reasonable accommodations to employees and job applicants at their request.

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