Sexual harassment lawsuit against New York Post

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The New York Post, which appears on newstands in Indiana and across the nation in addition to New York, is a defendant in a lawsuit brought by a former editor for the newspaper in which she accused its editor-in-chief of sexually harassing her and unlawfully terminating her as well. Four years after the alleged incidents occurred, the court has ruled that the Post will have to face the charges brought against it. A spokesperson for the newspaper stated that the allegations are unfounded.

Some of the allegations that the woman made were that the editor-in-chief rubbed his private parts against another female co-worker at a company party. She also says that he made sexually suggestive comments about her body and that he showed her and other female co-workers a naked picture of a man that he had on his cell phone. In addition to these unwelcome sexual advances, she accused another editor of offering another female co-worker a permanent position as a reporter if she would perform oral sex on him.

The woman also said that there was racist treatment at the office as well. The woman is of Hispanic origin, and she said that she had to endure acts such as other co-workers singing songs from the musical “West Side Story when she walked by. She said that she was fired shortly after she openly objected to an editorial cartoon that appeared in the newspaper and that portrayed a dead chimpanzee as the author of President Obama’s stimulus plan.

Harassment in the workplace can produce long-lasting harm to its victims. Employees who feel that they were the subjects of sexual harassment may have recourse against their employers.

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