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July 2015 Archives

Common ways an employer may retaliate against an employee

Throughout the years, it is has been found that many employers have treated their employees unfairly. This unfair treatment may be for many reasons, but often times it is simply the employer retaliating against the employee. When an employer is guilty of employer retaliation, an employee may find it necessary to report their employer for this. Before doing so, they may need to look at what the employer has done in specific to make them believe they have been retaliated against.

American Airlines blamed for race discrimination

Being subjected to discrimination on the basis of race in an Indiana workplace can be discouraging and humiliating, negatively impacting a person's image and career prospects. This is why it is considered illegal according to federal law. Several black employees of American Airlines recently claimed to have been victims of race discrimination at the company.

Why can't certain employees be denied medical leave?

There is never really any way of knowing when illness will strike. When people do find themselves ill, they may have to take time away from work to recover. They may also need to take leave if there's a family member that they take care of who is suffering from a serious medical condition. Even though an employer may not like the fact that their employee needs to take time off due to a health issue, certain employees cannot be denied FMLA when it is requested.

Woman claims wrongful termination by medical center

Being wrongfully terminated can be both humiliating and destructive to a person's career goals in Indiana. One woman in another state said she was wrongfully terminated by a medical center. She had worked at the medical center for about 13 years prior to her alleged wrongful termination.

Woman claims sexual harassment by bakery co-owner

When an employer chooses to sexually harass an employee in Indiana, this employer may be held accountable through the legal system. In one out-of-state case, a former mayor, her husband and a bakery have been sued for sexual harassment as well as retaliation. A woman who claimed to have been victimized by them recently filed a legal suit against them as a result.

Theme park accused of national origin, race discrimination

Indiana employees sometimes are subject to discrimination based on protected factors such as national origin and race. However, this is grounds for a lawsuit, as this type of discrimination is unlawful. A couple of security workers in a different state recently filed discrimination suits against their employer after they claimed to have been targeted based on religion and national origin and allegedly faced race discrimination.

Why your employer may be guilty of discrimination

As an employee of a company, a person may go through a variety of experiences while working. Not only may they experience the good, such as a raise or making new friends, they may also experience some bad. One thing that a person should never have to experience is employment discrimination.

Woman files gender discrimination claim against city

Federal law makes it illegal for an employer in Indiana to discriminate against employees based on gender. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens, causing employees to lose their jobs or preventing them from being able to climb the corporate ladder. One woman in another state recently filed a gender discrimination suit against her employer, claiming that she was denied a promotion simply because she was a woman.

Woman claims workplace disability discrimination

Having a disability may naturally pose physical challenges in the workplace for an employee. However, when an employer in Indiana decides to discriminate against the disabled employee, this can make the situation that much harder for the worker. One woman in another state claimed that her employer engaged in workplace disability discrimination, and the suit was recently settled.

Woman files sexual harassment suit against mayor, city

Being taken advantage of sexually in an Indiana workplace may make a person feel as though he or she lacks value, thus decreasing his or her quality of life. One woman in another state said the mayor of the city for which she used to work sexually harassed her repeatedly and eventually terminated her wrongfully. She has since filed a sexual harassment suit against both the mayor and the city.

Whistleblower wins $1.25 million

Over the years, there have been many employees who have found themselves being terminated by their employer or retaliated against in some way for doing what they felt was the right thing. In some cases, the right thing was reporting their employer for committing illegal acts or simply bringing to their attention any hazards in the workplace.

Wrongful termination suit filed by crossing guard settled

Being wrongfully fired in Indiana can take its toll on a person financially, emotionally and career-wise. One person in a recent out-of-state case said he personally experienced this situation, which led him to file a lawsuit against the municipality for which he used to work. The wrongful termination lawsuit was recently settled for $15,000.

Common reasons employers may wrongfully terminate employees

Employers may find any reason they can to terminate their employees, even if they are hard working and reliable. This is something that is unfair, but in some states, like Indiana, employment is at-will, so your employer can fire you for any reason at any time. The good thing is that there are certain laws that protect employees, making their termination illegal. This act is known as wrongful termination, and depending on the reason for the termination, employees may be able to file a claim against their employer and receive compensation or even return to work for that employer. This is only if they can prove that they were wrongfully terminated.

Race discrimination lawsuit involving school principal settled

An instance of racial discrimination at a workplace in Indiana can harm a person's self-esteem and the individual's ability to achieve his or her career goals. One man in an out-of-state case sued a school district, alleging race discrimination. The individual, a retiring high school principal in the district, recently signed a settlement of the lawsuit.

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