Woman claims wrongful termination by medical center

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Being wrongfully terminated can be both humiliating and destructive to a person’s career goals in Indiana. One woman in another state said she was wrongfully terminated by a medical center. She had worked at the medical center for about 13 years prior to her alleged wrongful termination.

The woman said while she was working at the center, she regularly performed her tasks in a manner that was satisfactory. She said she met her employer’s reasonable expectations. She also reportedly made good-faith reports regarding wrongdoings committed by the center’s management, including the repeated issue of understaffing nursing professionals.

According to the lawsuit, the medical center ended up terminating the woman’s employment because of her reports. The nurse said she was essentially let go because she advocated on a patient’s behalf with regard to the employer’s conditions, services or care. She said the employer’s actions had violated not only public policy but also the Patient Safety Act. As part of her suit, the woman is pursing punitive and compensatory damages.

It is illegal for a company to fire an employee simply because the employee blew the whistle on illegal or immoral practices. Any person who experiences wrongful termination due to whistleblowing is protected by federal law and has the right to seek to hold his or her employer accountable. Every case is different, so addressing one’s case successfully can be complex. An applied understanding of the law may help to increase a person’s chances of success in this type of legal case in Indiana.

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