Man terminated after expressing discrimination concern

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Many Illinois residents would agree that one should not be fired from a position for reporting any maltreatment of employees in a working environment. Actually–this practice is against the law. Any adverse action that a company takes against an employee for expressing a complaint about discrimination is considered retaliation. It does not matter whether or not the discrimination was actually occurring.

Retaliation may involve someone being fired, disciplined or otherwise punished for reporting discrimination in the workplace. Despite the fact that retaliation is illegal, unfortunately, some people are wrongfully terminated when they speak up and voice concerns.

In recent news, a school has been accused by its former chief operating officer and chief financial officer of permitting an environment of discrimination. The director reported the discrimination against several Hispanic maintenance workers and subsequently, was fired. Now, the man has now filed a wrongful termination on the basis of retaliation.

According to reports, the workers were humiliated by supervisors. They called the employees a number of derogatory names and made their working environment miserable. Once the issue was addressed by the director, the headmaster would not allow him to fire the two supervisors who were creating the miserable work environment for the maintenance workers. The former director alleges that the employment discrimination had been rampant for approximately 18 years and bringing it to the headmaster’s attention did nothing.

No one should be let go for expressing a discriminatory act. In the context of this case, the victim alleges that he was fired for blowing the whistle on discrimination against the Hispanic workers. The director is alleging retaliation in the $2 million lawsuit.

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