Former principal, teacher to receive $250,000 in settlement

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There are many instances throughout the country in which an employee is wrongfully dismissed by an employer for one reason or the next. While many of these cases go unnoticed, some people don’t sit back and let their past employer get the best of them. Instead, they decide to fight in court.

Our Indiana readers may not know much about the school system in Boston, but this news story will hit home with everybody, regardless of location. An Arlington principal and school teacher who were fired six years ago are set to receive $250,000 to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit. While it has been a long time since the pair filed a lawsuit against the town of Arlington, an end result has finally come.

In 2007, the principal and teacher were fired by the superintendent, alleging that they were let go because it was suspected they were having an affair. The pair originally filed a lawsuit against the schools for $7 million.

One week after the trial started, the settlement was announced. This case dragged on for six years, with one of the people involved earning back his job in 2009. However, making matters even more complicated, a Superior Court Judge overturned the ruling a year later.

Both individuals are happy that this is finally behind them and that they can move on with the rest of their life. Those who feel that they have been wrongfully dismissed by their employer don’t have to accept the situation. Legal remedies are available, and an experienced employment law attorney can provide options.

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