Former baseball coach’s wrongful termination claim dismissed

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One thing most employees hope for is job security. If you are performing your duties sufficiently, there should be no reason to be dismissed. Nevertheless, sometimes employers will act unjustly and terminate an employee’s contract without good reason. This is especially possible in employment-at-will states such as Indiana, but can occur anywhere within the United States.

In Winnebago County, a former baseball coach who had been employed by the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, chose to challenge the university’s decision not to renew his contract. The chancellor of the university stated in a letter that the coach’s dismissal was the result of failing to fulfill his responsibilities. According to this letter, the coach had not met fundraising goals, and had not upheld his administrative obligations.

In response to their employee’s initial objection to the decision, the university had a committee review the reasons stated. They revealed that there was not a factual basis for every one of the claims, but the decision was ultimately upheld. When the matter reached court, the Winnebago County judge ruled in favor of the university’s choice. However, the former coach has not yet given up and now plans to file a lawsuit.

Although this ruling took place in another state, the message still applies to residents of Indiana. Without careful planning and consideration of your case, it can be difficult to reach a favorable resolution. If you have been wrongfully dismissed from your place of work, it is important to stand up for your rights. By ensuring a full investigation into your circumstances, you will give yourself a better chance of successfully challenging the decision and being compensated accordingly.

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