Indiana veterans struggle against employment discrimination

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Discrimination within the workplace is unacceptable, whoever its target may be. However, some workers come up against unfair prejudices before they are even hired. Even if they are fully qualified and capable, their applications may be declined simply because of their age, race, sexual preference or any number of other characteristics. In Indiana, efforts are being made to reduce the hiring discrimination against veterans.

The problem facing many veterans is that although they possess key skills that could be highly beneficial in many jobs, their applications are often declined. Sometimes this is because employers worry about factors such as PTSD. In other cases, it is a lack of formal qualifications, as many veterans join the military instead of continuing with college. In some cases, it is simply that they are unsure of how to convey how their skills may be relevant to the positions they apply for.

However, new legislation aims to hold employers accountable for their decisions on veterans. Under the new law, when companies are looking for new hires, veterans cannot be ruled out of the selection process simply because of their military background. Complaints are to be addressed to the Indiana Civil Rights Commission which has also been charged with the enforcement of the new law.

This legislation is a positive step for veterans. Unfortunately, many more people experience employment discrimination throughout Indiana. If you find yourself in this position, you may benefit from the advice of an attorney. Discrimination should not be tolerated and by challenging those responsible, you limit their ability to distress other people. You may also be able to claim compensation for the ill-treatment you have received.

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