Barclays Center accused of race and disability discrimination

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Everyone is entitled to fair treatment in their place of work. If you are doing your job and adhering to the rules, then why should there be a problem? Unfortunately, some people deliberately create a hostile or uncomfortable work environment for their colleagues or employees and this problem is sadly present in Indiana. Often this is the result of discrimination against a person for their age, race, sexuality or any other characteristic that the discriminatory individual chooses to single them out for.

One case that has caught the attention of the media arose in New York. Barclays Center has been challenged in Brooklyn federal court in a $5 million discrimination lawsuit. According to the suit, which has been brought by five food service employees, black employees are subject to racial slurs, while disabled employees are mocked and kept out of sight.

One employee, a cook who suffers from blindness in one of his eyes, was called names such as “Cyclops” by his managers. Another cook with rhinophyma and cerebral palsy suffered similar mistreatment, also from a manger. The pair had worked in the Calvin Klein kitchen, preparing food for some of the Center’s prestigious guests. However, a consultant for the Center allegedly decided they and other employees should be relocated so customers would not see them.

A spokesman for the Center claims that the allegations will be taken seriously and such discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated. Hopefully this means the five plaintiffs and other workers suffering mistreatment at the Center will be in for a brighter future.

Employees in Indiana can certainly learn from this case. It is vital to challenge unfair treatment in the workplace. You deserve respect and consideration, as does anyone else in the workforce. If you need advice on how to proceed, an attorney may have the answers you require.

Source: New York Daily News, “Barclays Center hit with $5M suit claiming discrimination against disabled,” John Marzulli, July 28, 2014


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