Taco Bell sued for discriminating against Hispanic employees

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A former manager of an Indiana Taco Bell location has filed a complaint in federal court against the fast food chain. The 60-year-old woman claims that her operations leader requested that she not hire Hispanic workers and reprimanded her for doing so. Shortly after a Hispanic employee was observed working at the plaintiff’s restaurant, the plaintiff claims she was wrongfully dismissed from her position as general manager.

According to the lawsuit, an operations leader working for Taco Bell made the comment regarding the hiring of Hispanics on a visit to the restaurant managed by the plaintiff. A lawyer for the plaintiff claims that multiple witnesses were present at the event and can testify that they heard the same thing. Two weeks after the incident, the plaintiff was given a disciplinary warning and fired for allegedly violating company regulations.

The plaintiff is suing Taco Bell for violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by discriminating against her for being female and part Mexican. She claims that she was treated differently than non-Hispanic and male employees of the fast food chain. The former general manager is seeking reimbursement for lost wages and benefits as well as her litigation expenses and attorneys’ fees.

An employee who believes they have been fired as a result of discrimination might want to speak with an employment law attorney. Whether the discrimination was based on sex, race or religious beliefs, the employee may have a case for filing a wrongful termination lawsuit under federal law. A lawsuit may have a greater chance of being successful if the employee is able to gather witnesses who can testify to observing the discrimination.

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