Illinois workers look to Wal-Mart discrimination case

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Illinois Wal-Mart workers may be interested in a discrimination case that has garnered national attention. According to reports, a pregnant woman who worked at one of the retail outlets was fired after she suffered an accident at the store on her day off. She believes she was wrongfully dismissed, and she also says she noted a difference in the way she was treated after she revealed her pregnancy to her employer.

The woman said that following the accident, in which a number of TV sets fell on her, she sustained serious injuries, including copious bleeding and a hurt ankle. Her physician advised her that she should assume a reduced work schedule, but her employer told her to show up for work the day after she left the hospital. Although she attempted to return to work, Wal-Mart allegedly denied her numerous shifts until it told her she was being fired for having missed too many days.

According to news sources, the woman in this case is not the only mother who claims to have suffered at the hands of the company’s employment policies. It is accused of failing to comply with the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in numerous instances and firing women for unavoidable absences they should normally be excused for. Complaints over such behaviors have been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but it remains to be seen how the situation will ultimately be resolved.

Employers don’t always adhere to the spirit of the law when dealing with their employees. In some cases, workers may find themselves on the wrong side of policies or corporate cultures in which discrimination is par for the course. When these individuals encounter subtle mistreatment, it may be necessary to gather various forms of evidence to support their assertions.

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