The steps you take after being fired can make all the difference

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Being dismissed from your job is an unpleasant experience. However, this is made even worse if that dismissal was unjust. Unfortunately, this is something that many employees in Indiana face. As Indiana is an employment-at-will state, many workers can be fired at any time for almost any reason. However, as we have seen in a previous post, there are some reasons for dismissal that are considered illegal.

However, receiving news of your termination can have a huge emotional impact. You may be confused or worried about the future. You may even be angry and prone to taking rash action. In spite of all this, it is important to consider your next steps carefully. The decisions you make in the aftermath of your dismissal can affect the success of your wrongful termination claim.

Some of the elements of your case that will need to be considered include the following:

  • Your treatment in comparison with other employees.
  • The length of your employment, the position you held and your individual skills.
  • The details of any employee reviews you received.
  • Details of any discrimination you may have been subjected to.
  • The reason given for your termination.

If you have a case for a claim, you may be able to hold your employer accountable for the poor treatment you have experienced. Unjust employers deserve to be challenged for their behavior. It can be difficult to know how to proceed, but do not be discouraged. Our page on wrongful termination goes into greater detail about the possible courses of action you can take if you have been unfairly dismissed.


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