Know your rights under the FMLA

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It can be difficult to keep on top of all your obligations, especially when someone close to you becomes ill. If a loved one requires care, it can take a lot of time out of your day and require a huge amount of energy and dedication. It is a dilemma many families in Indiana face. Do you continue to work, or try to arrange time off to care for your family member?

Fortunately, many employees are protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act. This means that you may be entitled to a certain amount of unpaid leave in order to care for an immediate family member. It can also be used for a medical issue of your own, or to care for your newborn child.

The benefit of taking advantage of the FMLA is that although you will be without pay for a few weeks, you know that your job is secure. You can focus on the more important matter of caring for your loved one without the stresses of work hanging over your head.

There are a few requirements you must fulfill in order to qualify for Family and Medical Leave, regarding the number of employees under your employer, and the amount of time you have been employed for. However, as long as you meet the criteria, your employer is legally obliged to allow you the time off.

Our page on the FMLA has further details on the requirements and what you may be entitled to. If you feel that your rights have been breached or ignored by your employer, an attorney may be able to help you challenge him or her and pursue a fair resolution.


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