Which documents does your attorney need to see?

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Losing your job is never a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, in an employment-at-will state like Indiana, this is something that can happen all too easily. In general, your employer can dismiss you for any reason and at any time. However, there are a few exceptions and it is important to be aware of these to ensure that your rights have not been breached.

If you feel that your dismissal was illegal, there are several steps that you will need to take. It is important to make a note of any events or correspondences relevant to the case or your dismissal, as these could be helpful if you decide to take legal action. As this article on wrongful termination points out, there are several other documents that can also be important to hold on to.

  • Details of any grievances in which you had any involvement.
  • Details of other employees who have experienced similar issues within the company.
  • Copies of your contract and any employment manuals.
  • Details of fellow employees who may be able to provide further details or offer testimony on your behalf.
  • Copies of any emails or other written correspondence relating to your dismissal or other grievances related to your employment.

An attorney can advise you on the sort of information that might be useful. He or she may also be able to go through these details and help you to ascertain whether you have a case. If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed, standing up to your former employer may be the best way for you to secure justice and compensation for your mistreatment.


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