Why you should hire a wrongful discharge attorney

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When anyone is let go from their job, they have the option to fight their termination. In cases where a person may feel they have been wrongfully discharged, also known as wrongful termination, this may be more likely to occur. Although your employer may feel they had grounds to fire you, there are many reasons terminating an employee is illegal. If you or anyone in the state of Indiana feels they have been wrongfully terminated, the Employment Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC is available to assist you.

Indiana is an employment-at-will state, meaning your employer can legally relieve you of your duties at any time whether they have a reason for the termination or not. The reason for that relief of duties can, however, be illegal or legal. For example, letting an employee go because of their refusal to perform an illegal act or filing of workers? compensation benefits is a form of employer retaliation. This particular behavior is known as retaliatory discharge and it is illegal to terminate an employee as an act of retaliation.

There are federal laws that protect employees from being terminated or penalized for certain reasons. Aside from employer retaliation being an example of wrongful termination, there are many other situations that would constitute wrongful termination. This is why the assistance of an attorney may be necessary, as they can help you determine if you were unfairly discharged.

If you are unsure if you were wrongfully terminated from your job or wish to file a claim, contact a wrongful discharge attorney.


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