Woman files wrongful termination suit against hospital

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Sometimes when people in Indiana try to do the right thing by speaking up about a wrong being committed at their workplace, their actions may backfire on them. For example, these individuals can end up being punished or even terminated. One former hospital employee recently faced this type of scenario in a recent out-of-state case and has thus filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her employer.

The woman said she was terminated after she had voiced concerns about how another employee’s actions were putting the unborn children of pregnant women at risk. She claimed that one co-worker was not following the proper procedures regarding doing ultrasounds on patients who were under 10 weeks pregnant. The co-worker was allegedly using a special type of Doppler on these women, which may be dangerous to the child, and allegedly did not complete formal ultrasound technology training.

The woman who filed the suit said she told the radiology director at the hospital about her concerns. The woman also reportedly overhead the co-worker and other workers discussing the possibility of filing fake ethics complaints against her in order to get her terminated. The plaintiff also said the hospital was not taking many ultrasounds in an effort to meet billing criteria.

The woman filed her complaint under the False Claims Act and is seeking unspecified damages. When an individual is a victim of wrongful termination in Indiana and decides to file a claim, an understanding of what facts need to be proved in order to win the case is important. A case that is fought successfully may result in remedies such as the reinstatement of a job.

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