Workplace disability discrimination is grounds for legal claim

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A disability can understandably be difficult to cope with both emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, some people with disabilities in Indiana face workplace discrimination, which is like adding salt to the wound. People who face workplace disability discrimination, fortunately, have the right to seek justice through the legal system.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, employees cannot be discriminated against due to their disabilities, including mental disabilities. An example of discrimination based on mental disabilities is failing to allow an employee to take time off in order to go to therapist or doctor appointments. Other examples of discrimination include failing to accommodate a person’s mental disorder and failing to give a worker adequate time to complete tasks in light of his or her abilities.

Yet another example of discrimination is giving a mentally disabled person the worst assignments or shifts. If other employees or employers are harassing or making jokes about a person with a disability, this also constitutes discrimination. It is furthermore illegal for a company to refuse to hire a person with a mental disorder if he or she is actually qualified for the job for which he or she has applied.

It is a requirement for employers in Indiana to provide reasonable accommodations to workers who face either mental or physical disabilities. Unfortunately, not all employers adhere to laws banning workplace disability discrimination. It is within the rights of victims of such discrimination to file civil claims against their employers, seeking remedies, such as reasonable accommodation, depending on their particular workplace situations.


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