Wrongful termination suit filed by dealership worker

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Being wrongfully terminated in Indiana can negatively impact a person’s future job prospects and even his or her self-confidence. One person in another state recently faced this scenario after reportedly being wrongfully fired from his job at a car dealership. He has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company.

The man was a general laborer at the company and his job was to clean the lot at the dealership as well as clean the cars. He ended up hurting himself at work; the situation occurred after he slid down at which time his foot became lodged beneath a truck’s tire. The man went to a hospital and was placed under a doctor’s care for a few months.

The man said he was later slated to be released to work. However, when he told his employer that he would be able to go back to work, he was informed that another person had taken over his position and that no other position was available. The man said that the company, however, had hired a minimum of a couple of other people in similar positions when the man was off work; the company then hired yet another worker to a similar position after the man had said he could return to work.

According to the man, the employer engaged in discrimination due to his disability. The situation caused him emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation and indignity. He is seeking punitive damages as well as compensatory damages. People in Indiana who are victims of wrongful termination and retaliation may rightfully seek to hold their employers accountable.

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