Common reasons employers may wrongfully terminate employees

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Employers may find any reason they can to terminate their employees, even if they are hard working and reliable. This is something that is unfair, but in some states, like Indiana, employment is at-will, so your employer can fire you for any reason at any time. The good thing is that there are certain laws that protect employees, making their termination illegal. This act is known as wrongful termination, and depending on the reason for the termination, employees may be able to file a claim against their employer and receive compensation or even return to work for that employer. This is only if they can prove that they were wrongfully terminated.

The following are common reasons employers may wrongfully terminate their employees:

  • Reporting illegal activities.
  • Refusing to participate in illegal activities.
  • Reporting unsafe conditions.
  • Reporting harassment or discrimination.

Even though there are various reasons employers may wrongfully terminate you, there are also reasons that are considered legal. Just because an employee feels an employer was retaliating against them and that they did not deserve to be fired, doesn’t mean that they are right. What may seem like an illegal reason for termination isn’t always that. With there possibly being confusion, employees may want to speak to an attorney who is familiar with wrongful termination cases, so they can determine if a claim should be filed against their employer or not.

If you believe your employer has wrongfully terminated you, an employment rights attorney may be able to help you. It is illegal to terminate an employee for certain reasons and any employer who does so should have a complaint filed against them for treating their employee unfairly.


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