Wrongful termination suit filed by crossing guard settled

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Being wrongfully fired in Indiana can take its toll on a person financially, emotionally and career-wise. One person in a recent out-of-state case said he personally experienced this situation, which led him to file a lawsuit against the municipality for which he used to work. The wrongful termination lawsuit was recently settled for $15,000.

The man said he was working as one of the town’s crossing guards. However, he was fired a few days after an incident that occurred when he was off-duty. The incident involved a confrontation between him and a woman; the woman reportedly approached him and started to yell, so he shouted back. A police officer got involved in the altercation, and the man admitted that he was emotional and did use foul language during his exchange with the woman.

In a letter to the police commissioner board, the man said that the woman had been spreading rumors about him and another crossing guard having an affair. As part of his complaint, the man also included multiple character reference letters. He further said he had never had any problems during the three years he had worked in the crossing guard role.

The town was willing to pay a total of $14,000 to the man to settle the suit, with an additional $1,000 going to attorney fees. When employees in Indiana are wrongfully dismissed, they have the right to explore all of their legal options. If a person decides to file a wrongful termination lawsuit and is successful, he or she may be able to be reinstated to his or her job and receive monetary relief.

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