Report your employer if you are terminated illegally

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Employers are always expected to adhere to the law and follow the rules. When they fail to follow the law, employees have the right to report their employers for this misconduct and not face any consequences for doing so. Even though employees are doing the right thing by informing authorities of what their employer may have been up to, they may face a lot of difficulties at work should their employer find out who it was that reported them.

If you make a complaint about your employer when they violate the law, you are considered a whistleblower. Employers who have been reported often like to retaliate against whistleblowers because they are the employees who are responsible for them possibly facing consequences for their actions. It was not inappropriate or wrong for the employee to complain, but employers don’t always see it that way.

Over the years, people have been terminated from their positions, been denied a promotion or even experienced a decrease in hours. Since you are known as a whistleblower after you report your employer, you are afforded certain protections. With you being protected, it is illegal for an employer to terminate you or retaliate against you in any way because you have reported them for violating the law. With it being illegal for employers to take action against you because they are upset, you can file a complaint against them if they terminate you from your position.

If you have reported your employer for violating the law, and they have terminated you for being a whistleblower, you may want to consider contacting an attorney. Every employee deserves to work in a safe environment, so you have the right to make a complaint about your employer’s failure to provide that for you and your coworkers. An attorney at the Employment Office of John H. Haskin and Associates may be able to assist your case should you decide the file a claim.


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