Wrongful termination lawsuit filed against hospital settled

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When people are wrongfully terminated in Indiana, this can negatively impact their careers and quality of life long term. One woman in a different state said she was wrongfully terminated from a hospital a couple of years ago. It was recently determined that the woman, a former executive, would receive $600,000 to settle her wrongful termination lawsuit.

The woman said she was fired while she was on medical leave in 2013. She then filed a $25 million legal suit, alleging that she had experienced many alarming happenings at the hospital, where she served as interim CEO. The woman, 67, said an attorney at the hospital at that time had targeted her with email hacks, safety threats and racial remarks. She was also reportedly passed over for the permanent CEO job position.

Hospital officials said the woman filed the lawsuit simply because she was not given the permanent position. However, the woman said the company’s trustees had plotted to get rid of her after she had investigated many internal conflicts related to a prominent cardiologist there at the time. The lawsuit settlement agreement that was eventually reached is for $900,000. The woman will receive $480,000 of it for compensatory as well as non-wage items; she will also get $120,000 for a quarter of a year’s wages. Yet another $300,000 will go to her legal counsel.

Both federal and state laws are in place to protect employees from being wrongfully fired. People in Indiana who believe they are victims of wrongful termination have the right to file lawsuits against the companies that have fired them. A successful case may result in remedies such as the reinstatement of a job or back pay, depending on the facts surrounding the case.

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