2 file wrongful termination suit against Six Flags

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A person’s career in Indiana may easily be ruined by a wrongful termination. Unfortunately, two individuals in another state who worked for a Six Flags amusement park recently experienced alleged wrongful terminations. They have thus filed a wrongful termination suit against the park.

The two individuals, a man and a woman, said they were terminated after they raised concerns about hazardous conditions for the park’s animals. They reported that, in some situations, these dangerous conditions led to the animals’ deaths. The two had worked for the park for a total of 45 years combined.

The two individuals’ attorney said that they had devoted their careers and lives to caring for the animals. The two had also never compromised on the well-being and health of the park’s animals. The man claimed in the lawsuit that the park had not been complying with rules regarding maintaining the dolphin pools’ water quality; this led one adult dolphin to suffer a respiratory illness, and it caused two baby dolphins to die. Six Flags, however, said it provided top-notch care for its animals and described the lawsuit as being unmerited.

Employers in Indiana may not terminate an employee for trying expose any activities that are deemed incorrect, dishonest or illegal within their companies. When wrongful termination takes place, the employee who was fired has the right to file a legal suit against his or her employer, seeking damages. An understanding of the specific facts that have to be proved in order to succeed in such a case will likely be essential.

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