Common violations employers commit in the workplace

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Not every employer is as honest and trustworthy as they may seem. There have been many who lead employees to believe that they follow the law and have never attempted to violate it, but did so any chance they got. Exposing these types of employers or keeping quiet may be a dilemma some employees will or have faced during their time of employment, and how they choose to move forward could mean they are labeled as a whistleblower by their employer, coworkers and authorities.

The following are common violations employers commit in the workplace that lead to employees reporting them:

  • Overbilling the government.
  • Discrimination.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Abuse of patients.

When an employee realizes that their employer has been violating the law they have the option of reporting this to authorities. Since many people may not want to risk losing their job, they will ignore what they know and continue to work for their employer despite what they have learned about them and their illegal activities. However, others may choose to report their employer no matter what the consequences may be. The good thing is, those who choose to report their employer do not have to worry about losing their jobs or being treated differently because of their decision. Since there is whistleblower protection, if an employer retaliates against an employee, they could very possibly find themselves in further legal trouble.

Anyone who has or plans to report their employer for committing illegal acts may want to speak to an attorney. It is never OK for employers to disobey the law, so if they do, they should face the consequences of the actions. Employees are doing the right thing when they report these violations and, even though employers disagree with this, their employees should not be retaliated against for reporting them.


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