Notification requirements for employees who wish to take leave

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There are a number of things that can cause a person to take time away from their job. People fall ill, have family emergencies or may just need to take some personal time away. Whatever the reason may be for someone to take time off from their job, it is likely that there are steps they must follow if they want to keep their job and return to work once their leave is over. For those looking to take FMLA leave, there is a process and rules that must be adhered to if you want to take leave.

When an employee wishes to take FMLA leave, they must complete the following notification requirements:

  • Notify your employer of your intention to take leave at least 30 days prior.
  • If notification is not at least 30 days prior, it must be as soon as your are aware of the need to take leave.
  • Provide employer with enough information about your reason for needing leave.

If people want to ensure they have a good chance of being approved for leave, they should follow the notification requirements. Should you meet all of the requirements for leave, and adhere to the notification procedures, and your employer decides to deny you leave or retaliates against you for taking leave, you do have the option to take action. Depending on the outcome you are looking for, you can file a claim against your employer.

When employees and employers do not see eye to eye, it can cause a variety of issues. Along with having to deal with a hostile work environment, employees may be terminated for taking leave, even though they have followed procedures and met the requirements. Anyone who has experienced difficulty at work or been terminated due to taking FMLA leave may want to consider speaking to an attorney, as they may be able to answer your questions and help you with filing a claim against your employer.


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