Can I file a claim if I had an employment contract?

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People are fired from their jobs every day in the United States. When this happens, many just accept this and move on, never stopping to question if it was fair. It is true that some deserve to be terminated from their positions because they simply didn’t do the work that was asked of them or were habitually late for their shifts, but there are others who should have never been considered for termination but have been let go by their employer.

What many people don’t know is that employers don’t really need to have a reason for firing someone, they can let anyone go that they choose. However, just because they are able to terminate their employees at will, doesn’t mean it is right. There are actually some special cases when an employee being terminated is not allowed and is considered wrongful termination. One such case is when the employer and employee have an employment contract.

Ideally, this contract will outline the employee’s duties, start date and their end date. Typically, when contracts have an end date, this means the employee should not be fired or let go until this date. However, depending on the contract, if certain things are or aren’t done by the employee, it is considered a breach of contract and they can be let go. With wrongful termination cases, the employer may be seen as the one in the wrong because the termination of the employee was a violation of the terms of the agreement.

Talking things over with your employer is an option, but when all else fails, you may opt to file a wrongful termination claim. You could get your job back and be awarded lost wages should it be found that your employer wrongfully terminated you from your position. Anyone who feels that they have been wrongfully terminated can take action and file a claim. An attorney will use their knowledge of employment law and employee rights to assist you with your case.


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