Actions employees can take after being wrongfully terminated

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In many states, when it comes to employers terminating or letting go of their employees, they are allowed to fire their employees at any moment for no reason at all. While employers are able to terminate their employees for any reason, there are some reasons that are viewed as illegal. In this situation, the employee that has been terminated has several options as to how they can handle their termination.

The following are actions employees can take after they have been wrongfully terminated by their employer:

  • Accept their employer’s decision and find a new job.
  • File a wrongful termination claim against their former employer.
  • Hire an attorney to help them negotiate with their former employer about a severance package.

There are many reasons that an employer will decide to terminate one or more of their employees. With many states having at-will employment, there may be some confusion as to what is a legal reason to fire someone and what is illegal. Because of this confusion, both employees and employers may not understand what is seen as a valid reason to terminate someone. Even though things such as discrimination or sexual harassment are illegal reasons to fire an employee, when someone is dismissed from work for one of these reasons or more, they may not realize that they have been wrongfully terminated and fail to take action.

When an employee is wrongfully terminated from their job, they should remember that they do have options. If they are able to prove that they were wrongfully terminated, they may be able to return to work for the same employer and even receive compensation from their former employer. Either way, the employer who terminated them should not get away with what they did. Anyone who is considering taking action against an employer who has wrongfully terminated them may want to speak with an attorney who can assist them with filing a claim or answer any questions they may have about wrongful termination.


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