What employees can expect if they report their employers

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People have to choose between doing the right thing and the wrong thing almost on a daily basis. While some people may choose to do the wrong thing, there are many who recognize that doing the right thing can benefit not only them but also the people around them. This applies to those who choose to report their employer’s illegal activities, even though they may not feel as though their decision has benefited them because of what they could potentially experience should their employer find out what they have done and decide to retaliate.

When employees decide to report their employer for violating the law, they should be prepared for the following:

  • Termination.
  • Demotion.
  • A hostile work environment.
  • Decrease in hours.

This doesn’t mean that these are acceptable ways for employers to respond to a whistleblower . Since notifying authorities or human resources about the wrongdoing of your employer is a protected act, it is illegal for them to retaliate against you in any way. This means that along with your employer having to face the consequence of engaging in illegal acts, they will have to face the consequences of that as well should you file a claim.

Employees should be reprimanded by their employers when they are not doing their job or have done something wrong, but reporting their employer for their wrongdoing is not a reason for them to retaliate. When they see something happening in the workplace and know that it’s illegal, it is the right thing to do to report it. Anyone who is considering reporting their employer and has questions about whistleblower protection should contact an attorney for assistance.


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