What qualifies as wrongful termination?

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If you have been fired from your job, you may wonder if the situation falls under the umbrella of wrongful termination. In most cases, the answer will be no. This is because Indiana is an employment-at-will state. You or your employer can end employment for any reason at any time. At John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, we want you to understand your employment rights and know when something is not lawful and could be wrongful termination.

While in most cases, your employer has every right to fire you for any reason, there are some exceptions. You cannot be fired for not doing something that violates the law. In addition, you cannot be fired for exercising your right to workers’ compensation. Basically, anything that is a retaliation against something you have legally done might fall under wrongful termination.

IN.gov reports it can be disheartening to learn that simply because you see a termination as unfair does not mean is it wrong. Fairness really plays no role. However, discrimination does play a role. If you can prove you have been fired because of it, you may be able to claim wrongful termination. Your rights against being discriminated against are federally protected. For example, your employer cannot fire you for being a member of a particular religion. However, if an employer proves all employees are treated equally and provides evidence as to why you were fired, then you will not have much of a case. Wrongful termination can be very tricky to prove. To learn more about wrongful termination, please visit our website.


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