Do women still make less than their male counterparts

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With more media attention placed on gender equality in the workplace, it seems as though America should be advancing toward a more neutral workplace. Males and females should be treated fairly and equally. They should be given equal pay when they complete the same duties, and many people believe men and women are paid the same in all circumstances. Yet, gender discrimination still exists, and it shows in certain situations through how employees are paid by their employers.

The Pediatrician Life and Career Experience Study showed that women in the medical profession were paid less when compared to their male counterparts. Even as researchers were careful to control for factors, including the type of setting worked in, subspecialties, geographic area, patient load and whether the medical professionals were married and/or had children, a substantial difference in salaries was reported. On average, female pediatricians made nearly $8,000 less a year when compared to male pediatricians who performed the same duties. Female doctors are also more likely to take care of duties at home, including cooking, caring for children and cleaning, according to the study. Before the factors were accounted for and the pay scales adjusted, female pediatricians made an annual salary of $177,000 while male pediatricians made $226,000. 

If you feel as though you are the victim of gender discrimination in the workplace, you may want to consider speaking to an attorney regarding your rights. An attorney can listen to the specific details surrounding your case, explore your legal options and help you create a customized plan of action.



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