Settlement reached in sex discrimination case against Uber

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Sex discrimination continues to be an issue in Indiana workplaces and in workplaces across the nation. For employees and prospective employees who believe they were confronted with legal violations or complained to management and nothing was done to stop the behavior, it can be useful to consider their case in the context of prominent lawsuits and settlements. One that was recently settled involved the rideshare company Uber.

The Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had filed sex discrimination charges against Uber in 2017. The company will pay $4.4 million to settle it. The investigation began amid allegations that the company, under its former CEO Travis Kalanick, allowed harassment and discrimination to happen unchecked. The company is said to have retaliated and harassed members who lodged complaints about the treatment.

Uber had initiated an investigation of its own and at least 20 employees were fired. Mr. Kalanick resigned from his position with the company in June 2017, but remained on its board. The EEOC’s charges will be settled and there will be a fund for those who were victimized after Jan. 1, 2014. Females who were employed by Uber from that date through June 30, 2019 can seek a portion of the proceeds from the settlement.

The company plans to implement a new system that will identify employees who are accused of harassing others and managers who did not respond to complaints in a timely fashion. It will also have outside assistance to ensure the policies are up to date and followed. Regardless of the type of work a person does, employment violations should not be tolerated. These problems become worse when the victim complains to the employer and nothing is done. Contacting a law firm experienced in sex discrimination might help with receiving compensation.


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