The emotional toll of racial discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Race Discrimination |

On our blog, we have gone over the various ways in which racial discrimination occurs (such as firing a worker or rejecting an application solely because of one’s racial background). We also discuss the consequences of discrimination and some of the options that are available to people in this position. In this post, we will carefully examine the emotional toll of racial discrimination, which sometimes haunts victims years later. Unfortunately, the emotional challenges that victims of racial discrimination face often disrupt many facets of their lives.

For starters, when a worker is subjected to discrimination on the basis of their race, it is not surprising if they become angry. Unfortunately, anger can adversely impact different parts of one’s life, including their job, and sometimes brings up health concerns as well. The same is true for stress, another common emotional hardship that victims of racial discrimination have to work through. In fact, anxiety is often so debilitating that hard-working and talented employees are no longer able to even perform their job duties because of the difficulties in their minds. Some have so much anxiety (and even trauma) related to their position that they decide to step down. At the very least, these issues often have a negative impact on their job performance.

Depression is another challenge that many victims of racial discrimination have to work through. Like the other emotional issues addressed in this blog post, depression also has the potential to disrupt someone’s career and other aspects of their life. Explore our site to read more about the consequences of discrimination.


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