How can you identify sex discrimination in the workplace?

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When you arrive at work each day in Indiana, you have the right to a safe, fair and ethical work environment. The treatment you receive from your coworkers can heavily influence your productivity and your self-esteem.

Knowing the signs of sex discrimination can help you take immediate action when you recognize unfavorable behavior. Protecting yourself and your well-being can influence the success of your career.

Biases and inappropriate treatment

If you work with people who have sex or gender biases, they may delegate responsibilities to you based on your gender. Even if you have the skills or knowledge to successfully participate in other tasks, they may limit you to a defined gender role.

Inappropriate commentary, jokes or treatment can also qualify as discriminatory treatment. Sexual favors, sexual harassment or sexual manipulation can hinder your ability to feel comfortable and safe at work.

Taking action

When you feel uncomfortable about the way others treat you at work, your proactive intervention could prevent ongoing troubles. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the government has laws to protect you from sex discrimination in the workplace. These include the following:

  • Equal Pay Act: Your compensation should reflect your skill level regardless of your gender
  • Title VII: You deserve fair and equal treatment regardless of your gender

Reporting concerning behavior is something you can do through your company’s human resources department. Know your options and your rights regarding a response from your employer can help you identify your next steps. If your experience with sex discrimination caused emotional distress, you may need to take time away from work to recover. Under these circumstances, you may consider a lawsuit to address compensatory damages.


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