3 ways to strengthen your employment discrimination case

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When you become a victim of sex, gender, race, disability or age discrimination in your Indiana place of employment, you may decide to file suit against your employer in response to the unfair treatment. Very few victims of workplace discrimination ever report their treatment. However, there are certain protections in place for you if you decide to file a claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

According to the National Law Review, discrimination claims based on disability are the most common type of discrimination claim filed with the EEOC. Disability discrimination claims now account for more than 36% of all such claims. Racial discrimination claims were the second-most-common type of discrimination claim filed, and sex discrimination claims came in third. Regardless of what type of discrimination claim you file, you may be able to strengthen your case by doing the following.

Document all incidents of discrimination thoroughly

Make sure to document your discriminatory experiences. Also, be as thorough as possible when doing so. Keep notes about when it occurred, who is involved and so on. When it comes to documenting your experiences, err on the side of caution and over-, rather than under-, document.

Secure copies of employment-related documents

If you had to sign an employee handbook or manual when you began working for your employer, the information inside may benefit your case. Retain any such manuals or handbooks. Do the same with any employment offers or letters you received when you signed on.

If you do decide to move forward with filing a workplace discrimination claim, make sure to research any statutes of limitation or deadlines to make sure you do not miss them.


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