Foreign accents and employment discrimination

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Whether a prospective employer rejects your application because of your age or you lose your job because of your racial background, unlawful discrimination takes many different forms. Some people experience illegal discrimination as a result of their accent, and it is important to take a closer look at this issue if you believe that your accent played a role in unfair and illegal treatment you endured in the workplace.

Unfortunately, many talented workers have to face various hardships because of discrimination that never should have occurred.

English fluency and illegal discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that employers covered by EEOC laws are only allowed to require workers to speak English fluently if a worker needs this language ability in order to perform his or her job duties effectively. Moreover, a rule that requires staff members to speak English in the workplace is only permissible if workplace safety and efficiency depend on this requirement. Employers cannot require workers to speak English at all times if the requirement constitutes discrimination.

Discrimination as a result of foreign accents

Sometimes, workers experience discrimination because of their foreign accents. For example, if you lose your job solely because of your accent, or an employer refuses to hire you because you have an accent, this could constitute discrimination if your accent has no impact on your job performance. Some workers also face repeated harassment and other setbacks because of their accents.

If you have experienced unlawful discrimination because of your race, accent, sexual orientation or for any other prohibited reason, you need to firmly stand up for yourself.


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