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January 2014 Archives

Bill seeks to better protect Indiana veterans from discrimination

With all of the sacrifices veterans and active military personnel have made, it is hard to think that they would be discriminated against due to their military service when they are applying for a job. Believe it or not this discrimination has been an issue for veterans and active military personnel throughout the years. It is such an issue that one veteran has expressed that he is hesitant to state that he is a veteran on his resume in fear of the discrimination he may receive.

Former female deputy sheriff argues wrongful termination

Being unjustly terminated from a position is a slap to the face for any employee, particularly if it is due to discrimination. A former female deputy sheriff is seeking compensation for her wrongful termination. She is claiming she was discriminated against because of her gender, and that this is the reason why she was wrongfully terminated.

21-year-old intern dies after working a 72-hour shift

Internships, paid or otherwise, are supposed to serve as an important stepping stone for a young professional's career. They earn valuable experience in a working environment and they can make key networking connections during this time. At least, that's the selling point. However, in recent years, the internship (especially the unpaid internship) has come under scrutiny as exploiting young talent for cheap labor. More specifically, the unpaid internship is a problem because they are not technically "employees" and, thus, they have no harassment protections.

Indiana bill would remove protections for workers who smoke

At one point, smokers had a lot of rights in the United States. They could light up just about anywhere they pleased and were allowed to take frequent "smoking breaks" at work. Additionally, most states, including Indiana, enacted laws protecting smokers from employment discrimination.

Your boss can't force you to come in during bad weather -- right?

Indianapolis residents -- and really, anyone in the Midwest or the Northeast -- have been bombarded with weather-related news stories this winter, especially in the past week. The "polar vortex" that dipped into the northern regions of the U.S. made for record-setting cold temperatures and quite a few snowstorms.

Former university employee files wrongful termination lawsuit

A former West Virginia University employee has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the school's Board of Governors. While our Indiana readers may not know much about this university, the story is still of great interest as it is related to a wrongful termination and defamation lawsuit.

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